Answers to FAQ and Comments About Various Aspects of Fishing
Last updated: 03/27/17
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Boats, engines and trailers:

  • General
  • What's your budget?
  • Does it fit your needs?
  • In the long run, it doesn't cost that much more to go "First Class"
  • Buy the highest horsepower the boat is rated for
  • Silver and black are 2 colors to avoid on the cap unless you want to be blinded or fry
  • Read your owner's manual(s)
  • Performance
  • You can't outrun physics
  • No, it can't run that fast. Get a GPS. You can still lie about it, but you know the TRUTH.
  • More speed gets you from one fish to the next sooner, but sometimes it just plain feels good to go fast
  • Speed is a measurement of efficiency, not necessarily an objective
  • Prop it for the maximum recommended RPM plus 2-300 if you can stay on the power curve. Your mechanic should have peak power specs
  • Get a foot throttle
  • Raise the engine as high as you can without dropping below minimum required water pressure or losing speed, then learn to drive it there
  • Generally, when it breaks loose or goes into extreme chinewalk, hold the wheel straight and trim down. Don't chop the throttle; back off it smoothly
  • If you haven't scared yourself, you know neither your limits, nor your boat's (see above)
  • Now clean out the seat, do it again and get it right (see above)
  • Roostertails look kool, but how much speed do you want to lose?
  • If you do not have a jackplate (or are not ready to change the engine mounting), you cannot properly evaluate the potential differences in ANY two props.
  • Trailer(ing)
  • Yes, get trailer brakes
  • No, don't pull a 3000+ pound rig with a small tow vehicle
  • Never trailer your electronics
  • Did you remove (or hook up) the hold-downs and the motor toter? How about the winch strap?
  • Is the plug in?
  • Where are the keys? Got a float on them?

  • Fishing:

  • Fish are where you find them
  • There are very few "Pros", but a lot of "pros"
  • "Fishing for a living" is hard work
  • The Corps will always start dropping the lake on tournament day
  • Whether you fish tournaments or not, buy or build a culling system if you're going to put fish in the live well. You will help minimize stress on the fish by reducing handling
  • Trolling at 70 is not recommended
  • No matter which manufacturer and model, troll motors have only 2 speeds: too fast and too slow



    "Common" sense:

  • "Common" courtesy isn't, but it doesn't cost you anything either
  • Opinions and facts frequently don't coincide
  • Always wear your PFD and kill switch when operating above idle speed
  • People may laugh at you for wearing a helmet, but rain (or another airborne object) hurts, even at 30 MPH
  • Most boats leave less wake at WOT than at 10 MPH, but NO WAKE is idle!
  • Use your running lights.  They are a pain when fishing, but getting a citation or getting run over is more painful

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